Why use Salepointer?

Why Salepointer?

(for retail owners)

Want to advertise your deals but lacking the budget to have flyers or coupons printed and distributed?
By advertising with SalePointer, you will have a flyer or coupon platform that is digital and constant at minimal cost! What’s more is that any deals you put up will be instantly notified to our users, who can also employ the app to remind them of what you offer. Therefore, shoppers using SalePointer will always have a flyer or coupon with your deals listed in hand, regardless of where they are!

Consider this: According to a survey, 3 of out 4 shoppers prefer digital flyers or coupons. However, another survey revealed that only 1 in 4 retailers actually provide them, which indicates that getting the message of attractive prices out to cost-conscious consumers is limited by means and range. By partnering your business with SalePointer, you can narrow this gigantic discrepancy and shortcoming by matching the consistency of your advertised deals with consumer preferences.

Remember, people don’t shop just to buy. People shop to also take into account your friendliness and helpfulness, and, most importantly, the quality of your products or services and how much they can save by shopping from you! 2 things to keep in mind: First, if you want to make your business the retailer shoppers can depend on, make them hear and want to know about your store! Second, shoppers are active deal hunters, so show off your deals digitally to make them instantly noticed! With SalePointer, you can do just that! So what are you waiting for? Register your business with SalePointer today!