How does Sale pointer work

quick guide to getting set up.

Welcome to SalePointer! Here, we’ll show you how to use the app to find the deals you want and get to where you need to go to purchase them. First, you would want to set up your profile. This will allow you to establish what kind of shopper you are via the searches you make so, over time, the app can better recommend to you the deals and retailers you would likely favor. First, tap the Menu icon on the top-left corner (above “Tracker”) of the homepage. After that, tap “Log In”.

Getting started

If you’re a new user, bypass “Email”, “Password” and “Login” and tap “Sign Up”. Be sure to check off “Terms and Conditions” before doing so. Then, check off “End user” before hitting “OK”.

After registering your profile, you’ll be taken back to the homepage. Now let’s take you through each of SalePointer’s features on the top.

Deals feature

By tapping the “DEALS” feature, you will see a list of shopping deals across all categories. To narrow your search, hit the square icon on the top-right corner to look for your preferred category.

When you find the deal you like, tap on it for details. If you like the deal and want to know where you can shop for it, scroll down to the map at the bottom of the page and tap on the icon red, which denotes the retailer’s location, so that the map can give you the best route to get to your destination. Your location is displayed as the blue icon. SalePointer also allows you to activate real-time GPS with the map, which will provide voiced instructions to you on where you need to go to get to the retailer with the deal you want! You can also let your friends know about a deal by tapping the sharing icon next to the heart icon (which we’ll talk about regarding the “TRACKER” feature) on the top-right corner of the page. Sharing can be done via messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and SMS.

Stores feature

By tapping the “STORES” feature, you’ll see a list of our partnered retailers, with businesses listed in order of distance from your location. By tapping on a retailer, you can also get route details on the map and activate the GPS, even without having selected any particular deal! SalePointer is also a proud partner of City-Telecom’s Y5Zone network, meaning you can also look for Y5Zone-affiliated stores on the app too! You can also filter the store list by tapping the icon on the top-right corner to tell it to only show SalePointer-partnered stores that are associated with Y5Zone or otherwise. You can also tap the icon on the bottom-left corner to view a map showing which retailers are with Y5Zone and which ones are not.

Tracker feature

The “TRACKER” feature is your list of deals or stores you have saved as your favorites. This allows you to remind yourself of which deals you need or want to shop for or which stores you need or want to go to without having to look for them all over again. This is especially useful when you can’t get your shopping done immediately. Tap the heart icon on the top-right corner of the deal’s or store’s page to add it to your Tracker. Once you’re on the Tracker, you can select to see your saved deals or stores by tapping on the top-right corner.

Last chance feature

The “LAST CHANCE” feature shows you which deals are about to end. You can set the amount of time left before expiration by tapping on the square icon on the upper-right corner to see which deals fall within that range. Now that you know how SalePointer works, we hope it can greatly improve your shopping experience by precisely delivering you to what you want! Enjoy!