Why use Salepointer?

 Based in Markham, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), our team took into account of the role small businesses play in running the engine of the local economy. Accompanying that account was the sentiment (one that still exists) that small businesses were not given enough recognition and appreciation for their hard work and services. We determined this was due to the fact that many lacked an advertising budget or the technological expertise to garner an effective digital outreach or were simply overshadowed by large, corporate titles, which for many shoppers have become the mainstay of meeting their consumer needs, thanks, in large part, to their enormous advertising budgets and digital marketing means that allows them to showcase their content seemingly without limit. With the goal of bringing the small business community into the light in mind, our team, applying their best innovation, developed SalePointer.

 Made for small and locally-based retailers to digitally advertise their deals at a low cost, SalePointer’s mission is to turn our partners into a part of the usual shopping routine for our users and to help them build up their customer volume and consolidate customer loyalty. We want to disrupt the boredom and alleviate the financial and physical burden imposed by old routines for consumers by diversifying their shopping choices by enabling them to discover an unprecedented amount of alternative, if not cheaper, deals. With a wide range of filters available, SalePointer allows users to craft their own digital flyer, all from the convenience of their mobile devices! Accompanied with a GPS system that lets you navigate your way to the retailers with your desired deals to their exact location, SalePointer doesn’t make shopping a routine, but turns it into an adventure of saving time and money and fun!